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The Woodman, Wildhill is producing a booklet containing 10 walks that start and finish in the pub’s car park. The circular walks range from 2.6 to 8.5 miles long. Many use the same paths out of The Woodman car park before branching off to explore different areas of the local countryside. The site has been created by two Woodman regulars who run the Hertfordshire Walker website.

Walk 10: Epping Green Loop

Walk 10: Epping Green Loop  Map created on Map Hub Elements © Thunderforest and © OpenStreetMap contributors
Walk 10: Epping Green Loop
Map created on Map Hub
Elements © Thunderforest and © OpenStreetMap contributors
This walk includes parts of three of our shorter walks, passes Little Berkhamsted and loops back through Essendon.


8.4 miles (13.5 km)

1: Take the footpath south of the beer garden on the east side of the car park. Walk uphill and diagonally SE across the field and go through a gate in the hedgerow. Head SSE until you reach another gate at the edge of woodland. With the woodland on your left, head SE until the path crosses a field and goes through a gap in the hedgerow to the B158. (540m)

2: Cross the road and turn left, walking NE along the east side of the B158 towards the right-hand bend in the road at the point where Wild Hill goes off to the left. (315m)

3: Turn right along a footpath which follows a private road heading SE. After 140m the footpath veers left to reach a wooden footbridge and a gate. Go through the gate and head NE with the woods on your right until you reach Hornbeam Lane. (415m)

4: Turn right on Hornbeam Lane and head SW, past stables on your left following the lane as it becomes a track. (1.3km)

5: When you reach Cucumber Lane, turn right and continue until you meet Tyler's Causeway. (460m)

6: Turn left and walk east for 65m and take the path on the right and head S ignoring a path on your right before the track turns left. (350m)

7: Follow the path left and head SE until you reach a footpath on the left. (980m)

8: Take this path and head N downhill and up again until you reach Tyler's Causeway. (990m)

9: Turn left for 100m and take the footpath on your right. Continue until you reach a bridleway. (680m)

10: Turn left and head NNW to where the road bends to the right and the bridleway continues to your left. (At this point you could take a slight detour to The Beehive pub by turning right and walking to Epping Green; this adds 350m.) (450m)

11: Take the bridleway N to Little Berkhamsted Lane. (810m)

12: Turn left for 100m. Take a bridleway on your right. Head NW along a ridge and through woodland, before reaching the golf course. (1.1km)

13: Head W and round the club house until you reach School Lane, Essendon. (750m)

14: Turn left on School Lane and head W to the B158. (200m)

15: Turn left. After 70m take the footpath on the right heading SW alongside the cricket pitch before dropping down to a footbridge and uphill to a byway. (980m)

16: Turn right and head NW to West End Lane. Turn left until you reach a footpath on your left just before The Candlestick. (660m)

17: Take the footpath SE until you reach a bridleway. Turn right and head S and SW until you reach West End Lane. (1.6km)

18: Turn left on West End Lane and follow it S and SW until you reach Wildhill, where you turn left and return to The Woodman. (940m)

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